Laser marking

Laser marking is a versatile process that can label, engrave or apply specific codes (such as Data Matrix codes) to components by laser. Among other things, this enables to reliably trace components along the entire supply chain. Furthermore, the process allows the removal of thin cover layers, laser cleaning, foaming and in-process reading verification with our high-performance Trumpf systems.

What is laser marking?

Laser marking – also called laser inscription – is a technologically mature process for marking components to enable subsequent identification (e.g. for traceability requirements). In this process, the marking is applied to the surface with an intense, pulsed laser beam. Interactions between the laser beam and the surface cause a change in the material in the form of discoloration, material removal or structuring. The form in which the material changes depends on the wavelength, power density and pulse duration of the laser beam.

We support you

Do you need help with the laser processing of your component? BLS is looking forward to helping you determine the requirements for your 3D laser material processing.


The laser marking systems installed at BLS can additionally proofread in-process 100% of the markings. A special reading verification controls the marking before the application.

BLS can carry out laser marking through various procedures: tempering, engraving, color change and foaming. The material and the associated quality and usage requirements of the product ultimately determine which process suits the application.

Trust in over 30 years of experience.

With extensive laser experience, BLS supports customers as a contract manufacturer from parameter determination / basic development through prototype production to serial production. A high-performance machine park and different laser types enable an overall optimized service offering. The quality management system and exchange with leading research institutions ensure quality at the highest level.

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Laser marking advantages

Marking components with lasers offers extensive advantages over conventional marking processes based on paint, chemical reaction or mechanical pressure. Laser marking provides a high flexibility in the processable area and a high quality of the marking with finest structures and long durability.


Laser marking expertise

Laser marking can individually mark components. By changing the wavelength, the power density and the pulse duration of the laser beam, the respective procedures can mark different materials. Laser marking can encode the information content of the marking using a code or generate a conventional label. Using VisionLine image processing, weld seams, codes or markings can be detected, checked and precisely localized.




BLS Laser Marking Offer

BLS Lasertechnology GmbH is an expert in laser marking and offers a wide range of services. In addition to laser marking, BLS helps by consulting during the product development, in order to ensure an optimal marking in series production. We work according to ISO/IEC 16022 and the quality standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 15415.