Laser processing for machine and plant engineering

The machine and plant engineering sectors uses laser processing in many ways. As a long-term partner of the industry, BLS Lasertechnology GmbH has already provided technological support for a wide variety of R&D projects and implemented serial productions.

BLS offering for customers from the
machine & plant engineering industry

BLS Lasertechnology laser processing metal micrograph

A high-performance machine park and different types of lasers and systems enable an overall technologically optimized service offering for customers from the machinery and plant engineering sector.

Certifications (including ISO 9001 certification) and decades of experience of BLS experts in the field of laser technology, as well as in machine and plant engineering ensure quality at the highest level. Rigorous quality assurance is a top priority.

BLS can weld, clad (LMD, additive laser deposition welding), harden or cut countless material pairings and a wide variety of components for use in mechnical engineering / plant construction. BLS customers receive competent support from parameter determination and basic development, through prototype orders, to serial production orders. BLS offers also the implementation of specific requirements as well as the design and construction of cycle time-optimized clamping fixtures.

Laser material processing in
machine and plant engineering

With deep expertise, BLS Lasertechnology GmbH helps its customers in machine and plant engineering with laser material processing. The range of services provided by BLS goes beyond classic contract and custom manufacturing. BLS also offers support in process definition, parameter determination and component design to ensure optimal laser results.

“BLS is responsive, flexible and always very helpful – even with last-minute difficulties.”

Production manager of a market leader in the construction of industrial plants

Examples of laser processing in machine and plant engineering:

Customers from the machine and
plant engineering sector

BLS Lasertechnology GmbH is considered one of the technologically leading companies in the field of contract manufacturing for laser material processing. Extensive experience and expertise in machine and plant engineering results from a large number of past orders. We are always pleased to receive further technologically demanding development projects and orders from this industry.

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