Laser processing in the automotive industry

BLS Lasertechnology GmbH is a long-standing and reliable partner in laser processing for the automotive industry for a wide range of companies, from automotive OEMs to TierX automotive suppliers.

BLS offering for automotive customers

BLS Lasertechnology stainless steel laser welding

A high-performance machine park and different laser types enable an overall technologically optimized service offering for automotive customers. Certifications (including ISO 9001) and decades of experience of BLS experts in the field of laser technology and automotive ensure quality at the highest level.

BLS can weld, clad (LMD, laser deposition welding), harden or cut countless material pairings and a wide variety of components for use in the automotive industry. BLS customers receive competent support from parameter determination and basic development, through prototype orders to serial production orders. BLS offers also the implementation of specific requirements as well as the design and construction of cycle time-optimized clamping fixtures.

With an in-depth laser know-how, BLS supports leading companies in the production of technical high-quality components.

Laser material processing for the automotive industry

BLS manufactures a large number of serial orders for leading customers in the automotive industry. Customers benefit from BLS’ extensive experience with numerous automotive projects for laser welding, laser cutting, laser hardening or laser metal deposition. In this context, BLS as contract manufacturer offers deep expertise in selecting and applying the right laser applications for automotive components. BLS generally helps customers from the first prototype to serial production.

“Over 30 years experience
in laser processing make BLS one of the leading company and experts in our industry”

Division manager at an international Tier 1 automotive supplier

Example of laser parts in the automotive industry:

Our automotive customers

The automotive industry customers of BLS Lasertechnology GmbH range from automotive suppliers to worldwide leading automotive OEMs. BLS supports its customers from parameter determination and basic development to prototype orders and serial production.

We are looking forward to further technologically challenging projects from the automotive sector.